Product catalogue


In 1994 two professional musicians founded the AMC Company in order to develop and manufacture full range of competitive covering for musical instruments and equipment.

The style of AMC is defined by several basic principles:
  • Specialization. According to this the full range of serial products is always present at the warehouse.
  • Quality-cost ratio is a reasonable compromise. You can be sure that inexpensive models handle won't tear off by the instruments weight and that expensive models made of super durable materials have reasonable price. Using in many articles foam polyethylene - waterproof (no moisture absorbing), non-aging and denser material than commonly used foam-rubber allowed AMC to create type of cases named semi-rigid (semi-hard).
  • Professionalism in development. Safety of the instrument, convenient carrying and accommodation of all necessary accessories is guaranteed.
  • Permanent broadening of assortment. More than 180 serial models and rich experience in individual orders give opportunities in choice to every customer: from amateur to professional musician, from owner of a small shop to large dialer.
  • AMC has started production of hard cases by original technology.