Product catalogue

Description of materials

Soft covers (bags) are made of one or several layers of fabric, lining, foam-rubber. Possible to roll up they cannot provide full safety from mechanical and thermal impacts.

Semi-rigid (semi-hard) cases are three layers of fabric, padding and lining combination. In padding foam is used. Holding the form and impossible to roll up they provide better safety from mechanical and thermal impacts.

Hard cases are produced under original technology from polyurethane - porous material possesses perfect thermal insulation with relative high durability (except piercing by sharp objects) and lightness.

During transfer of the case (with instrument inside) from moderate (room) temperature to low (frost) 15C below zero (59,00F), cooling inside till 0C (32,00F) happens during 1 hour. Thus, instrument is protected from sharp change in temperature, which usually causes cracks in wooden parts.

Polyurethane bonds into one unit external reinforced cardboard, internal fabric and plywood first fixings in which hinges, handles, trimming and other elements are fixed. It allows achieving total safety of all fastening and increases general durability.

Cases are produced in two variants of sets - econom and pro. In the pro set more durable fabric, denser strap, YKK zipper and some special bonuses for additional convenience are used. AMC cases are the lightest in their class and will safely protect your instrument.

Pro - presence of this prefix in the name of a case means that it is made of the best materials.

Top fabric:

  • Polyester PVC - fabric with a waterproof pellicle. It is used in the cases for relatively light instruments.
  • Nylon PU - durable water proof fabric. It is used in the cases for heavy, bulky instruments and in cases with expensive sets (pro).
  • Teza - very durable reinforced waterproof fabric (is often used in truck tents production). It is used for reinforcement of the case bottom and protection from dust.
  • Terpaulin - durable reinforced waterproof fabric. It is used for reinforcement of the case bottom, protection from dust and as a durable lining.
Padding materials:
  • Foam-rubber can be of different thickness (5, 10, 20 mm) and durability. A case with foam-rubber prevents an instrument from scratching and a little bit from changes in temperature. It is an aging material- after several years it becomes dry and crumbles.
  • Foam - no rumble sheet material of different thickness (5, 10, 15 mm). Comparing to rubber-foam it possesses greater rigidness, less thermal conductivity and is non-aging material. The construction of the cases allows you changing the foam without assistance.
Lining materials:
  • Spanbond - thin no woven material (black color).
  • Artificial thick felt - soft no woven material thickness 2 mm (black color).
The advantage of no woven material is that it does not get unraveled even if there is a hole.
  • Tafeta - thin synthetic fabric (black color).
  • Flok - furniture wear proof material has soft fleecy surface.
  • Velvet
Zipper: spiral plastic zipper type 5, 8, 10 (depends on the toothing size)
  • Common - made in China.
  • YKK - made in Japan, one of the safest.
Strap: density depends on the quantity of threads it is made with.
  • Common - average density.
  • Dense - more durable, less crumples, better appearance.
  • Common - inexpensive of various manufactures (clasps, frames, semi rings, hooks, etc).
  • Duraflex - very durable plastic hardware is often used in tourist and mountain equipment.