Product catalogue


  • «Bee-2»
  • «Phonograph»
  • «Guslimen of Russia»
  • «Golden Ring»
  • «Madrigal»
  • «Yasnaya Polyana» orchestra
  • Neckrasov`s orchestra
  • Presidential orchestra
  • «Gelickon» theatre
  • Gnesin College
  • Music schools
  • Concert Halls
  • BSO Chaikovskogo
  • Vivaldy-orchestra
  • Sats theatre
  • ....

This list of our group customers is far from being full; many musicians apply to us individually which gives us an opportunity to accumulate experience since their demands are very different (Bells, Kettle drums, Kozlobass, Nai).


For manufacturing a cover it is necessary to provide us with the opportunity to make a measurement of an instrument, equipment or with its picture (draft) and answer the following questions:

  • What type of the cover it should be - soft, semi-rigid (hard)?
  • How should it open?
  • How it would be carried-place and type of handles (centre of gravity coordinates)?
  • How it would stand-are feet needed?
  • Are pockets needed? If yes, their size?
  • Discuss the inner structure-compartments, dividers…
  • Choose materials.